It started with him dropping out of school in class seven.   Felix refused to go to school because of peer influence, lack of enough food and other basic necessities that his parents could not provide. He thought life out of school was going to be fine and cool but little did he know what awaited him was more than he expected. He never knew that it would lead him to his grave rather than give him a cool life.

He soon joined the other guys who had more experience than him, an experience out of school out of the adults reach where no one told him what to do and not do. They introduced him to drinking, smoking, and using other hard drugs. This was the first initiation they did to him.  Within no time he was shown how to use guns and rob people. Everyone warned Felix of his new found friends but all those warnings fell on deaf ears.

He started robbing people’s houses and within no time it became his way of earning a living. He was an expert in robbery with violence. He became so rich and famous and with no time he was made the head of robbers in Dandora, people feared him and since it was rumoured that he had acquired himself a gun.

But as the saying goes in Kiswahili that ‘siku za mwizi ni arubaini’’ Felix had planned to go and rob someone’s apartment but the police were on his trail, since previously they had killed some old man and his wife.  Felix and his men were caught and when they tried to run the police had no choice but to gun them down. He was among those who were unlucky since he died on the spot.

Felix had killed many people in his short life in the street but God repaid him, he died a young man who could have helped to steer the country’s future he could have been a good man had everyone been involved.

We keep wondering how many more young men die so young and we do nothing to help? 



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Political Games

Life  is a mystery,  always presenting opportunities  with unknown outcomes but we have to make best what inspires us in the world and as they say, if the sky is not the limits then heaven be the destination. Many of the times we play around with life and never to understand what it is to us, we  may give it a direction but failures still come our way. Our only hope  as the citizenry now  resides with the leaders but still they prove to be just politicians without issue based leadership.  The same leaders we give power ends up exploiting us.

We talk of change, a positive change that is able to give the voiceless a voice, a change that tame down the massive corruption in the government and that change that gives citizens the right to determine their future but  we do not talk of us as the possible agents of change. We look around in the streets, in our neighbourhoods, school and even in our social associations yet in our eyes everything seems alright.  As always its a matter of waiting for the government to take action ,the same government made up of people who promise heaven and deliver hell. 

Drum beats for the elections are echoing, politicians drumming up their support  in tribal groupings instead of a nationwide grouping. Come to think of it tribal grouping is not a bad idea but the politicians are using it to their advantage to fuel negative ethnicity.  This is just how the game of politics can prove to be individualistic, “i get what i want by all means, what happens next is none of my business.”  Election chaos have become a norm, many people wounded and our societies reduced to ashes. Its  about time we rose up  against political games and define the future that we want.

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Life itself is an irony, amazing how many people in this country are poor and the minority is rich. Surprisingly the few who are rich do not care since they all live for their self’s. You can never b surprised when one poor mans hut almost at the verge of collapsing is built beside a mansion. The rich man can never even have the heart of renovating the poor mans house.

Gopher, a small boy whose father worked as a farm man lived with his family in a small crumpled house near the big house. Their life was so difficult that sometimes he thought they were a cursed family. When his father died .life became more unbearable. The rich man forced him to work in his farm inorder to support his family. He woke up at 5 in the morning to go to the farm where he worked the whole day. Life became more unbearable that he decided to live and go to the streets.

In the streets life was never smooth as he had thought, with no food, no money and no one to take care of him he had to survive somehow he joined other steets children who taught him how to steal and do other odd things to survive. Since he was used to the hard life he found this more fun and better since he did not have to work to get money all it took was to go to a corner grab a bag and run. Gopher then started using drugs this he was taught by the other street children he knew how to use drugs like cocaine, sniff glue and other hard drugs.

The drugs he used had so much effect that he wanted more and since he did not work he had to improve his stealing habits this meant he had to join bigger groups to earn more. He soon found himself in the group that belonged to the grownups, those that stole from big shops and big houses. To him this was fun nothing could deter him from this not even the pleas from his family members could make him change his mind. But his new found life could not last for long lastf for so long since when they were on a mission he was killed alongside other robbers and drug dealers. His family mourned to the loss but it was too late .but no ne could blame the boy but the rich man who could not help them. This is my cry to the rich lets help the others who need us stop being selfish. 

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